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Enclosed Truck Bodies

Monroe Custom Bodies uses all 50 years of experience to deliver the highest class of truck bodies. The enclosed truck body is one that is often overlooked, but the details of its care are just as valuable as in other service bodies. Enclosed bodies are a classic service truck body that proves its value year after year. Increased storage, weather protection, increased security, and room to work inside. It’s an all-in-one mobile workstation that is useful for electricians among many other occupations. Every body is crafted with care, undergoing rigorous quality assessments that show us what our trucks can handle. 

Our enclosed truck bodies can be made from aluminum or steel.

Aluminum allows for a lighter van, maximizing fuel efficiency without compromising on efficacy. Aluminum is a cheaper option that maximizes efficiency in all senses. It is roughly a third of the weight of steel, while providing the same quality of service in many situations. Aluminum is an excellent choice for almost any truck body.

Steel is heavier, but offers increased durability that puts extra years on its long lifetime. Steel can withstand even the harshest working environments, so they are often recommended for rugged jobs. When you need to haul the heaviest payloads in the most extreme conditions, stainless steel is an affordable option that will handle these obstacles time and time again. Steel can haul much heavier loads than common alternative materials, as it is a heavier metal than popular aluminum truck bodies. If you need a rugged workhorse that can handle even the most demanding jobs, you will need a quality stainless steel truck body to get the job done dependably year after year. It is durable enough to handle any amount of harsh weather conditions, be it a blizzard or a heat wave. While all of our metals provide sufficient protection from the elements, stainless steel is also corrosion resistant.

We source the highest grade metals; so no matter what you choose, you know you’re getting the highest quality truck body on the market.



Our enclosed bodies come in T-Top and Roller Top varieties. Whether you need a mobile shed or quickly accessible compartment to store your gear, you’ll be riding in a truck that delivers for years to come.


Our truck bodies are top-of-the-line down to every detail, and one of our favorite details are doors. Our signature hidden hinge system allows our doors to overlap with the body, making it impossible for doors to bind up with a heavy payload. Additionally, they remove the need for hemmed edges, removing the possibility to trap water and salt.

Interested in learning more about custom fleets by MCB?

Contact our sales team today.

Interested in learning more about custom fleets by MCB?

Contact our sales team today.