Aluminum Truck Bodies

With over 50 years of experience in working with aluminum, we guarantee not only high quality but high consideration. Aluminum is an adaptable metal that can be used in the fabrication of nearly any product we create. Furthermore, it is the most cost-effective metal available that is suitable for machining powerful and efficient work truck bodies. While aluminum is just now starting to boom in popularity in the work truck industry, we have been using it steadily for decades. 


Aluminum is an excellent choice for any truck body. It is tough yet flexible in use, and is resistant to any corrosive elements it may come across. Aluminum is roughly a third of the weight of steel, making it a more efficient metal. This means that for most uses, a truck body can use aluminum to increase fuel efficiency without sacrificing any of the strength they needed in a work truck. Aluminum is becoming standard in many industries that do not require extremely heavy payloads. This is not only for its efficiency–aluminum is also the most cost-effective metal on the market. Have no worries with aluminum; its price point, strength, and utility are virtually unmatched.


Our experience doesn’t just guarantee high-quality and consistency, but adaptability as well. A simple truck is somewhat quicker and cheaper to produce. But, if you need more than a basic truck body, you’ve still come to the right place. We will guide you through every step of the design and fabrication processes to ensure every detail adds to the utility of the truck, without adding excessive lead times or price increases. We know that our trucks are used for innumerable purposes with unique requirements, so we are always prepared to meet even your most niche needs.

Contact us today to talk about what you might need in a custom aluminum work truck. We are always happy to help.


We offer aluminum trim kits to further customize and protect any truck. All of our kits are made in strict compliance with industry standards to ensure quality and durability. It may be a kit, but with the top level of craftsmanship available, it will look even better than if it had come manufactured with aluminum trim from the beginning. No more scratching a paint job every time you put tools in the back of your truck.

When you need a truck you can trust, you can come to MCB for an aluminum service body that is unparalleled in strength, efficiency, and durability.

Interested in learning more about custom fleets by MCB?

Contact our sales team today.

Interested in learning more about custom fleets by MCB?

Contact our sales team today.