Crane Truck Body

Crane Truck Bodies

Monroe Custom Bodies is a one-stop shop for all truck body needs. We offer one of the most sophisticated truck bodies, the crane body, with unrivaled versatility and performance. Through decades of refining our processes, we can guarantee that our crane bodies are of the highest caliber. These standards allow our crane bodies to be used in a large variety of industries, including telecommunications, construction, agriculture, and more. Our heavy duty crane bodies can carry even the heaviest loads to the greatest heights; our cranes can carry loads up to 10,000 pounds. 


All of our crane bodies are available as reinforcement packages to add to our truck bodies. The cranes in these packages range in strength, so you can choose the crane just right for the job. All of our reinforcement packages include structural tubing longsills and plater mounting / outrigger brackets, for additional optimization. Contact us to inquire about what service truck bodies should be used as the base and about what crane options will work best for you.


All of our truck bodies are incredibly customizable so that our clients never have to compromise; we know firsthand how beneficial it is to have a crane body tailored specifically to its purpose. Our crane bodies come in a vast array of sizes and capabilities, with all the additional components needed to customize the body. Through our range of reinforcement packages and service truck body bases, these crane bodies are already adaptable enough for use in almost any environment; but for the most rugged environments, inquire about using powerful stainless steel for your crane body.


We offer an array of different additional options for our crane bodies. Additional storage options like shelves, dividers, swivel hooks, and drawers are all available at a range of sizes. Increase the ease of accessibility with cable steps or grab handles. We even have more specialized options, such as gas bottle retainers available. Contact us to inquire about the full range of additional options for our crane bodies.


Our truck bodies are top-of-the-line down to every detail, and one of our favorite details are doors. Our signature hidden hinge system allows our doors to overlap with the body, making it impossible for doors to bind up with a heavy payload. Additionally, they remove the need for hemmed edges, removing the possibility to trap water and salt.

Interested in learning more about custom fleets by MCB?

Contact our sales team today.

Interested in learning more about custom fleets by MCB?

Contact our sales team today.